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The Ian P. Lyman Collection - FOR SALE – Thursday 22nd May 2014

Sadly in August 2013, at 69 years old and after a valiantly fought battle, Ian lost his battle to cancer. His family have finally made the difficult decision to part with Ian’s clocks and have entrusted us with the priviledge of offering this wonderful collection for sale.

Ian P. Lyman was nationally known as “The” railway clock expert. He lived in the heart of Northamptonshire with his wife, Pat and surrounded himself with his three children, seven grandchildren and a beautiful private collection of railway timepieces. His family joke that every wall in the house was taken by a resident clock and none of them ever ticked or tocked at the same time!

Ian’s railway career started in the early 1960’s when he was relief Assistant Controller for Roade Junction signal box, later promoted to be the regular guards clerk at Northampton. His interest in clocks and watches started in the late 70’s and he studied and read everything he could find.

Railway clocks (and watches) became a combination of a hobby and a business. At the same time Ian started to write the only definitive study of UK railway clocks. After years of work his book, “Railway Clocks”, was published in 2004 and the railway and horological fraternity will forever be grateful to Ian for this authoritative 360 page volume. The second edition is currently being considered for publication.

If your are interested in purchasing any of the clocks please follow the link below.